Meetings, Membership and Location

TAEG 2014/ 2015 Programme

Wednesday, September 17th,  7-9pm    -    

Dealing with Anxiety – Yours and Theirs

Back to school triggers anxiety and concerns in all parents and particularly so in parents of anaphylactic children.  Some children seem to navigate this situation with confidence and ease, while others are full of self-doubt.  Learn how to assess the level of your child’s anxiety and how to manage it. As parents, we often unwittingly transfer our fears to our children – learn to assess and manage your own anxiety level as well.  Reducing anxiety in both parents & children after an anaphylactic episode (or near-miss), and preparing both parents & children for allergic testing will be some the examples addressed in this interactive session. Power struggles and self-esteem will also be discussed in this context, giving you tools to help you and your child face the new school year with confidence and hope.  Join us in this session led by Doone Estey of Parenting Network - it’s a must have for your back-to-school toolkit!!    Click here to register

Wednesday, November 19, 7-9pm  – Ask the Allergist

Wednesday, January 28th, 7-9pm  – Transitions to Independence – a panel session

Wednesday, March 4th, 7-9pm  – Bullying and Allergies – what parents need to know

Wednesday, May 27, 7-9pm  – Tips and Travels – TAEG style!


Membership and Location

Membership in TAEG starts every year in September.  We have secured new meeting space this year which has allowed us to suspend our membership fees (normally $20 per family pro-rated, for up to two adults to attend all five meetings from September to June, or individual entry per meeting is $5), so for our 2014/15 season there is no cost to attend.

NEW LOCATION:  Our meetings will be held at Armour Heights Community Centre, 2140 Avenue Road, south of the 401.  We’ll have a membership desk to welcome you. Free parking is available (entering from Avenue Road) and nearest TTC bus stop is at Avenue Road and Wilson Ave accessible via

  • TTC Avenue Road bus #61 from Eglinton Station.
  • TTC Wilson Ave. bus #96 or Weston Road bus #165 from York Mills subway station.

Looking for something closer to home? Join TAEG-TO-GO

We recognize that TAEG families come from all over the GTA, and we know Avenue Road and the 401 may not be close by.  So this year, we’ll again have informal coffee groups   TAEG-TO-GO.   We’ll have sign up sheets at our TAEG meetings for these informal coffee groups in the North, East, West and Central GTA, where you can meet and discuss allergy management between TAEG meetings, and get to know allergic families near you.

Questions or comments?  Please email