Meetings, Membership and Location

TAEG 2013/ 2014 Programme

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

Travelling with Allergies

Join us as we kick off TAEG’s 2013/14 programme on September 24th!  Our first session features Gwen Smith, founder and editor of Allergic Living magazine,  speaking on the topic of Travelling with Food Allergies.  Gwen brings advice and resources based on the invaluable articles on travel in Allergic Living, as well as sharing her personal tips from her own experiences as an allergic traveller.  Be sure to join us for this session and gather tips to make your next vacation an allergic success or share your tips to help others!  Click for meeting notes:   September 2013_Meeting Slides_with notes

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

The Latest Allergy Research – a conference recap for allergic families

Dr Audrey Segal will join us on November 12th having just returned from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Conference, and having attended the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Scientific Meeting in October.  She’ll share with us the latest research on allergies, in terms we can all understand!  This is a fantastic opportunity to hear what’s happening in allergy research, and learn what’s coming that might affect our families, so be sure to mark your calendar to attend! 


Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

Summer Camps for Allergic Kids

Join us as we hear from a camp director, campers and parents on recommended camps for allergic kids, how to  prepare for camp and what it’s like to attend camp with allergies.  This panel session will be a great opportunity to hear about what works well and what to look out for, in camps from pre-school to overnight, so you can be ready to select and register for summer 2014.  Click here for meeting notes


Tuesday March 25th, 2014 7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

A Workshop for Back to School

Back to school – in March??  Planning ahead for allergy management is key for a smooth entry into school, starting a new school or orienting a new principal.  Come to this interactive workshop to practice meeting strategies, and get tools and resources that you can use in spring planning meetings with your child’s school.  This is a great chance for discussion and hands-on practice -helping you to get ready for meetings with administration and prepared to educate the school community.  And for TAEG members who already have a great set up at school – we’d love to have you join the session and help those who are just starting out! 

Click here for workshop slides and materials

 Tuesday, May 27th, 2014  7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

What’s in this food?  Labeling  / Dining Out

In our final TAEG session for the programme year, we’ll hear from a rockstar of the allergy world.  Marilyn Allen is an incredible advocate for allergic families and has worked tirelessly to make it easier for everyone to understand what’s in the food we’re buying.  A consultant with Anaphylaxis Canada, Marilyn was a driving force behind the updated labeling laws that resulted in allergens being noted in plain English on labels.  In this session, Marilyn will share details of the labeling laws helping us all to shop better and more safely, and she’ll also share information on the new allergen food service training, helping increase safety when dining out with allergies.  This is a must-see session – a chance to hear from an expert in the field!  Click here to register


Membership and Meeting Fees

Membership in TAEG starts every year in September.  It is $20 per family (pro-rated to adjust throughout the program), which enables up to two adults to attend all five meetings from September to June.  Alternatively, individual entry per meeting is $5 per person.  We thank you for your support. Your membership dues and meeting fees help to cover the costs of the meeting space and the TAEG website.  We’ll have a  membership desk at each meeting to welcome you.

LOCATION:  Our meetings will be held at Northlea United Church at 125 Brentcliffe Rd. near Bayview and Eglinton.  Enter through the glass doors up the path way on the east front side of the church. When inside, go up the stairs, through the second set of doors; to the Fellowship room straight down the hall. We’ll have a membership desk to welcome you. Street parking is available, and nearest TTC stop is Eglinton and Laird.

Looking for something closer to home? Join TAEG-TO-GO

We recognize that TAEG families come from all over the GTA, and we know Bayview and Eglinton may not be close by.  So this year, we’re creating informal coffee groups for members,  TAEG-TO-GO.   Become a TAEG member and come to our meeting to meet others and sign up for a TAEG-TO-GO coffee group in your area.  We’ll have sign up sheets for these informal coffee groups in the North, East, West and Central GTA, where you can meet and discuss allergy management between TAEG meetings, and get to know allergic families near you.

Questions or comments?  Please email