Additional Links

2Are you looking for more resources for anaphylaxis and asthma management?  We’d recommend checking out the following links:  – Food Allergy Canada’s (formerly Anaphylaxis Canada) website – a wealth of resources for allergic families –  The Newly Diagnosed Support Centre from Food Allergy Canada – a comprehensive site explaining how to manage confidently with allergies – great companion website for Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings – a must read reference for anyone with an allergic child in school  – Free online course from Food Allergy Canada about anaphylaxis management in school settings – a great course for teachers, extended family members and others who need to know how to manage anaphylaxis. go to the forum and here you will find a wonderfully supportive online community of parents of children with allergies who can provide you with personal experiences and you can also post questions you may have.

Recorded webinar where Members of Anaphylaxis Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel talk about what it’s like to grow up with food allergies: – A site for teenagers with food allergies from Food Allergy Canada – Allergy/Asthma Information Association – American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology – Asthma Society of Canada – Canadian Celiac Association – Canadian MedicAlert Foundation – Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology – Dieticians of Canada    A network of Canadian families committed to raising awareness of anaphylaxis with the Federal Government through the unanimous passing of Anaphylaxis Motion-230 May 22, 2013 – The Lung Association of Ontario – The Allergy Asthma & Immunology Society of Ontario – Canadian Food Inspection Agency  – Food Labelling information Allergy and Asthma Network – Mothers of Asthmatics (USA)  Anaphylaxis Campaign (UK) on Youtube – Blog and discussion on allergies, from the mother of a child with anaphylaxis

Information on fragrance allergies from David Suzuki foundation

Information on allergen/labelling in cosmetics from the Government of Canada