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From our 2017/2018 program

Tuesday Jan 30, 2018 7-9pm – Eating with Allergies – from a Registered Dietitian

On January 30th we heard from Ahuva Magder, a registered dietitian who focuses on the management of gastrointestinal disease and food allergy in both private practice and in the Sick Kids food allergy program.  In this informative session, Ahuva will share an overview addressing the elimination of allergenic foods while maintaining a healthy diet to support growth; and then we’ll have time for questions from the group.  Be sure to mark your calendar and start the new year off right with these great tips on eating with allergies!  Click below for meeting slides:

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 7-9pm – Travelling with Allergies
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 7-9pm – Allergy Management for family members, school, camp and more!

During our Tuesday September 26th session we discussed resources and tips to help you prepare family members, camps, schools and more for everyday allergy management.  See below for the online course, tools and templates you can use to help create and maintain safe and inclusive care for allergic kids:

Resources for managing allergies at school / camp / with family etc:


From our 2016/17 program:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017  at 7-9pm – Child Psychiatrist – Dr. Katharina Manassis

For our June meeting, Dr. Manassis, child psychiatrist and author of research on anxiety and anaphylaxis in children shared her expertise with the group in an informative session.

  • In this presentation about anxiety in the context of anaphylaxis in children & youth, Dr. Manassis discussed:
    • Distinguishing between anxiety reactions and realistic fear
    • Physical, mental, and behavioral signs of anxiety and how to address these
    • The role of parents’ anxiety, and managing this
    • Differences between helpful strategies for adolescents versus younger children
  • Click here for meeting slides
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 7-9pm – Resources to Manage Allergies from Daycare to University

It may be spring and getting close to summer break but it’s the perfect time to plan for your next school year!  In this session, we heard from Food Allergy Canada to find out what resources are available to help you manage allergies from daycare to university!  It helped get everyone well equipped to plan for a smooth September!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 7-9pm – Summer Camps with Allergies – full meeting minutes

Kick off the chill of January with thoughts of summer camp!  In this session, we had a panel session with parents and camp directors from both overnight and day camps to find out more about allergy management at summer camp! Our panel included:

  • Bev – Health Coordinator Camp Robin Hood (day camp) and Chair of the Health Committee for Ontario Camps Association
  • Darren – Camp Green Acres (day camp)
  • Margot – Camp Director, Camp Tamakwa (overnight camp)
  • Tan – Assistant Director, Camp Wahanowin (overnight camp)
  • Catrina – Assistant Director, Camp Zodiac (day camp and swim school)
  • Sharon – Parent of campers with allergies


Missed the meeting? Check out the discussion captured in our  full meeting minutes and click here for announcements.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016  at 7-9pm – Food Allergy Research with Dr. Adelle Atkinson

For the November meeting, TAEG welcomes Paediatric Allergist Dr. Adelle Atkinson, joining us to share an update on the current food allergy research from Sick Kids – specifically on the initiative working on a cure #InOnlyTenYears (details here). Dr Atkinson will also answer questions from the group.

This is a great session to hear about this exciting research and ask questions – especially from a doctor who is also an allergy mom!

Meeting slides:

  • TAEG Introduction and announcements: here
  • Main presentation from Dr Adelle Atkinson: here
Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 7-9pm –   Food Labelling and more! 

For our first TAEG meeting of the 2016/17 season, we’re thrilled to welcome Marilyn Allen as our guest speaker.  Marilyn brings a wealth of knowledge across many areas of allergy management.  As one of the founding members of the group that started Food Allergy Canada, she has worked to improve the lives of allergic families in Canada for more than 20 years. In this interactive and informative session, Marilyn will share an overview of food labelling in Canada, as well as labelling internationally (particularly in the USA) – a great opportunity to learn how to identify safe food at home and while travelling!  Marilyn will also share an update on food service allergy management to help us in eating out safely.  This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from a very warm and engaging speaker with deep expertise in allergy management!

From our 2015/16 TAEG Program:

Tuesday, May 31, 7-9pm 2016 Raising confident kids with allergies

Have you struggled with how to explain the seriousness of allergies to your child, without causing undue anxiety?  And as kids get older and face new challenges as pre-teens and teenagers, wouldn’t it be helpful to hear from someone who’s been there?  Paula-Jane Bellizzi is an allergy therapist, and mom to a teen with allergies.  As a qualified social worker, Paula-Jane helps families in her practice as an allergy consultant, to deal with the ups and downs of life with allergies.  In this talk, she’ll share her expertise on speaking about allergies with kids and the kinds of situations and questions that may arise, with advice on best practices to manage effectively.  Be sure to join us to strengthen your toolkit as a parent and hear about how to raise a confident and competent child with allergies.

 Click here for meeting slides and reading list:


Tuesday, April 5, 7-9pm 2016  Ask the Allergist and LEAP Study update

 Come out and join us to hear from Dr Anastasios Papadopoulos of the Toronto Allergy Group. He’ll discuss the findings of the LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut) study which looked at how to prevent peanut allergies in young children.  Then we’ll open it up to the group – a fantastic chance to ask your questions about asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis to a leading Canadian allergist.

Click to view meeting notes:  TAEG April 5 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 7-9pm  2016 Travelling with allergies:  Destination Disney World!

January might be cold but thoughts of trips south can warm us up!  Join us at this informative session to hear from two families with multiple food allergies who have successfully travelled to Disney, eating out safely.  They’ll share resources and behind the scenes tips that can make your travel planning easier.  It’s a great way to hear about how to travel with allergies to one of the top spots for family vacations!  Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just beginning to think about how to travel with allergies, you’re sure to get some new ideas from this session!

Tuesday, December 1st 7-9pm 2015:  Behind the scenes of 911 – TAEG takes a field trip!

 We are thrilled to offer a field trip this year – our December meeting will take place at the head office of the Toronto Paramedics Services 4330 Dufferin (near Finch & Dufferin), for a tour of the control centre where 911 calls are received and ambulances are dispatched.  We will then hear from a paramedic and from Dr. Howard Ovens, the Director of the Schwartz/ Reisman Emergency Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital. Join us to find out about what happens when you call 911 with an anaphylactic emergency – from an operator, paramedic and emergency room physician.  This is an amazing opportunity for a “behind the scenes” look to get informed and comfortable with the high quality emergency response services our city has to offer.  We hope you won’t ever need it, but it’s good to know what to expect should you ever have to make that dreaded call.

Tuesday, October 6th, 7-9pm 2015  Getting kids cooking with allergies

 Cooking is an essential life skill – even more so when you have allergies and eating out can be a challenge.  Join us for a talk and cooking demonstration about how to get kids – from toddler to teenagers – involved in the kitchen.  Culinary Nutritionist Sandra Bruton of Sure Chef teaches cooking classes for parents & tots, preschoolers, school-age kids and teens and will provide us with tips and tricks to get kids of all ages interested and skilled in the kitchen.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a chef who specializes in allergy-friendly cooking. Click here for TAEG_October 2015 Meeting Announcements and the meeting presentation.

From our 2014/15 Program:

Wednesday, May 27, 7-9pm  – Tips and Travels – TAEG style!

We heard about great travel management, summer camp, daycare allergy safety and overall knowledge sharing on everyday allergy management!  A great way to get ready for the summer and learn in an interactive knowledge sharing session!

Resources shared:

Wednesday, March 4th, 7-9pm  – Bullying and Allergies – what parents need to know

About one-third of kids with food allergies report that they have been bullied specifically because of their allergies.  Have you wondered what you should know to help your child?  How can you help prevent bullying or identify when your child needs your help? Come out to this session for a chance to hear from Alyssa Keel, MSW, RSW of Canadian Safe School Network and learnwhat you need to know as an allergic parent.  This is a great opportunity to move beyond the scary stats and get informed and prepared to help your child.  Click here for meeting notes

Wednesday, January 28th, 7-9pm  – Transitions to Independence – a panel session

With every transition come new experiences and new adjustments in managing allergies.  During this panel session, we’ll look at building independence whether it’s preparing your child for their first playdate or entering the workforce with allergies and any of the experiences in between!  We’ll have a variety of voices sharing their experiences as allergy teens, allergy parents and recent grads working with allergies.  Start the new year off right at this session – helping you prepare for the next step to independence on your family’s journey with allergies!  TAEG Jan 2015 Meeting notes

Wednesday, November 19, 7-9pm  – Ask the Allergist

Join us for an evening with an allergist –  Dr. Peter Vadas of St Michael’s Hospital, will share an overview of his research in anaphylaxis and allergy management; and answer your questions about asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis.  Bring your questions to the session or send them ahead of time to  This will be an informative session from a leading Canadian allergist – a great opportunity to get further informed as we head into the holiday season.

 Wednesday, September 17th,  7-9pm    

Dealing with Anxiety – Yours and Theirs

Back to school triggers anxiety and concerns in all parents and particularly so in parents of anaphylactic children.  Some children seem to navigate this situation with confidence and ease, while others are full of self-doubt.  Learn how to assess the level of your child’s anxiety and how to manage it. As parents, we often unwittingly transfer our fears to our children – learn to assess and manage your own anxiety level as well.  Reducing anxiety in both parents & children after an anaphylactic episode (or near-miss), and preparing both parents & children for allergic testing will be some the examples addressed in this interactive session. Power struggles and self-esteem will also be discussed in this context, giving you tools to help you and your child face the new school year with confidence and hope.  Join us in this session led by Doone Estey of Parenting Network – it’s a must have for your back-to-school toolkit!!

From our 2013/14 Program:

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014  7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

What’s in this food?  Labeling  / Dining Out

In our final TAEG session for the programme year, we’ll hear from a rockstar of the allergy world.  Marilyn Allen is an incredible advocate for allergic families and has worked tirelessly to make it easier for everyone to understand what’s in the food we’re buying.  A consultant with Anaphylaxis Canada, Marilyn was a driving force behind the updated labeling laws that resulted in allergens being noted in plain English on labels.  In this session, Marilyn will share details of the labeling laws helping us all to shop better and more safely, and she’ll also share information on the new allergen food service training, helping increase safety when dining out with allergies.  This is a must-see session – a chance to hear from an expert in the field!  (no notes available)

Tuesday March 25th, 2014 7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

A Workshop for Back to School

Back to school – in March??  Planning ahead for allergy management is key for a smooth entry into school, starting a new school or orienting a new principal.  Come to this interactive workshop to practice meeting strategies, and get tools and resources that you can use in spring planning meetings with your child’s school.  This is a great chance for discussion and hands-on practice -helping you to get ready for meetings with administration and prepared to educate the school community.  And for TAEG members who already have a great set up at school – we’d love to have you join the session and help those who are just starting out! 

Click here for workshop materials

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 7-9pm (membership desk open at 6:30pm)

Summer Camps for Allergic Kids

Join us as we hear from a camp director, campers and parents on recommended camps for allergic kids, how to  prepare for camp and what it’s like to attend camp with allergies.  This panel session will be a great opportunity to hear about what works well and what to look out for, in camps from pre-school to overnight, so you can be ready to select and register for summer 2014.  Click here for meeting notes

The Latest Allergy Research – a conference recap for allergic families – Nov 12, 2013

  • Dr Audrey Segal will join us on November 12th having just returned from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Conference, and having attended the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Scientific Meeting in October.  She’ll share with us the latest research on allergies, in terms we can all understand!  This is a fantastic opportunity to hear what’s happening in allergy research, and learn what’s coming that might affect our families, so be sure to mark your calendar to attend!

Travelling with Allergies – Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

  • Join us as we kick off TAEG’s 2013/14 programme on September 24th!  Our first session features Gwen Smith, founder and editor of Allergic Living magazine,  speaking on the topic of Travelling with Food Allergies.  Gwen brings advice and resources based on the invaluable articles on travel in Allergic Living, as well as sharing her personal tips from her own experiences as an allergic traveller.  Be sure to join us for this session and gather tips to make your next vacation an allergic success or share your tips to help others!
  • September 2013 Meeting Notes

From our 2012 / 2013 Program:

No thank you, I’m allergic – A Healthy Diet with Allergies – May 7th, 2013

  • What do you cook when you can’t include eggs, dairy, nuts, sesame or other allergens?  Come to this session to hear more about creating a balanced diet that doesn’t taste like it’s missing anything.  For those new to allergic cooking and those looking for some new inspiration, this session is the hottest foodie ticket in town with allergies!

May 2013 West End TAEG-to-go –  Food Allergies Reading List 2013 TPL

Building Connections and Sharing Experiences – March 5th, 2013 

  • TAEG offers a unique opportunity to connect with other allergic families and learn from each other.  During this session, we’ll have large and small group discussions to help you build connections in the group as we share our experiences, tips and tricks on living with anaphylaxis.  Please bring a copy of your favourite allergy-friendly recipe and come ready to share a tip on a great allergy friendly restaurant, travel spot, website or other allergic-relevant info.   We can all learn from each other as we manage allergies effectively.

Parent Consultant -the social side of allergy management – January 29, 2013

  • Sometimes living with allergies can be isolating and stressful.  Dr Huberman will join us to share effective strategies for dealing with those tough conversations and emotionally charged situations when you have to explain your children’s allergies and stress the seriousness, while still being positive and calm to set the tone for your child and your family.  Dr Huberman is an experienced parent and child educator helping families of all types with behaviourial, emotional and social skills. For more information on Dr Huberman see

Safe and Inclusive  – A School Panel  – Tuesday, October 9th

  • Join us for a school panel as we discuss effective allergy management in schools.  Our panel members include  a TDSB representative, a Montessori principal, an allergic teen and allergic parent.  They’ll  share their experiences of allergy management, discuss the relevant legislation (Sabrina’s Law, Day Nurseries Act) and we’ll have time for questions as we learn about how to foster safe and inclusive school environments for allergic kids.  Please  submit your questions in advance to  and we hope to see you there!