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Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group

Welcome to the TAEG website.  The Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group (TAEG) is a local learning and support group for individuals and parents of children living with life threatening allergies. For more details on our meeting program for 2016/17 see our Meetings, Membership and Location section.

Mark your calendar!  TAEG will be meeting:

  • Tuesday Sept 26th, 2017  7-9pm
  • Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 7-9pm
  • Tuesday Jan 30, 2018 7-9pm
  • Tuesday April 17, 2018 7-9pm
  • Tuesday June 5, 2018 7-9pm
  • Meeting topics and details will be posted later this summer!


  • Missed TAEG?  On June 6th, Dr. Katharina Manassis, child psychiatrist and author of research on anxiety and anaphylaxis in children presented.  In this presentation about anxiety in the context of anaphylaxis in children & youth, Dr. Manassis discussed:
    • Distinguishing between anxiety reactions and realistic fear

    • Physical, mental, and behavioral signs of anxiety and how to address these

    • The role of parents’ anxiety, and managing this

    • Differences between helpful strategies for adolescents versus younger children

  • If you missed the meeting or want to reference the materials shared, check out her slides here


Can’t attend TAEG?  We have a wealth of resources, tools and templates for allergy management in our Past Meetings/ Resources section – great for those who missed a session or live too far away to attend!

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